Contributions are highly welcomed and appreciated. Every little help counts, so do not hesitate!

Contributions can be made in the form of feature requests, bug reports and feedback.

First Time

  • Download and install the latest version of git.

  • Configure git with your username and email:

    $ git config --global 'your name'
    $ git config --global 'your email'
  • Make sure you have a GitHub account.

  • Fork Bottery to your GitHub account by clicking the Fork button.

  • Clone your GitHub fork locally:

    $ git clone{username}/bottery/
    $ cd bottery
  • Add the main repository as a remote to update later:

    $ git remote add rougeth
    $ git fetch rougeth
  • Create a virtualenv.

  • Install Bottery in editable mode with development dependencies:

    $ pip install -e ".[dev]"


Use PEP-8 for code style and isort to sort your imports.

Bottery uses tox for testing and general development.

After tox is installed, just execute:

$ tox

To run all tests in all supported Python versions and lint checks.

If you want to run a specific test in a specific environment, you can also execute:

$ tox -e py36 -- tests/


Documentation updates or fixes are welcome. To generate docs locally, execute:

$ tox -e docs